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Rotating banners in the auction system

You pay as much as you want

You get large advertising banners throughout the website. You decide how much you want to pay and what is your daily budget.

How it works

First, banners of the companies that offered the highest price are displayed, followed by those that offered the lower price. If the number of high-priced banner views is large enough, even ads with the minimum price will be displayed. If the number of high-priced banner views is small, your banner will not be displayed and you won’t pay anything. You pay only when your banner is displayed. Currently, the suggested price is $4 for 1000 views of your banner (4 CPM).

How the price is calculated:

The mechanism for calculating the price is set in such a way that you pay THE LEAST. Suppose you offered a price of $ 10 for 1000 views, a second person offered $ 5 for 1000 views and a third person $ 2.50 for 1000 views.
Which ad will then be displayed? – Yours.
At what price? – At a price one cent higher than the other person.
So instead of $ 10 you will pay $ 5.01 for 1000 banner impressions thanks to this lowest price mechanism.

Now suppose your daily budget is $5

Therefore, your ad will be displayed about 1000 times on a given day, then it will stop showing because you have reached your daily limit. Now the ad with second-highest budget (CPM) will be displayed. How much will they pay? – again 1 cent more than the next in order, i.e. $ 2.51 for 1000 impressions.

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